Excellent Job Dancers!

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What is KDI?

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We provide excellence in dance instruction for dancers that want to dance an hour a week to dancers that want to "live at the studio". We have all boys classes, hip hop and many amazing opportunities.


Dance is about telling a story, building the foundations of ballet and creating new ways to move. I am creating a dance studio that is focused on the art and beauty of dance. I want my dancers to have strong technique and beauty in their movement. I want more and I am passionate about this dream.


 My priorities are:

 -Excellence in instruction

 -Participation in community events to show my students the importance of giving back

-Noticing individuals while creating in a group environment


My Recreational and Competition staff are deeply committed to training the next generation of dancers. Everything we do has a purpose and is focused on providing the best experience possible for your dancers.  Each dancer will have technique, ballet instruction and incredible opportunities to perform throughout their dance career at KDI


                         -Steve Kincade

                                Owner and Creative Director

Kincade Dance Industries Competition Program WON a National Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada in July of 2013! We had the highest scores of over 4,000 dances. Congratulations to Steve Kincade and Gigi Zirbes for winning Dance Teacher of the Year! And, our Hip Hop Team was nominated as a judges favorite and WON! Congratulations to our students and staff for these incredible honors.